Blessed Quietness, Holy Quietness

The house is silent. REALLY silent. Except for my cracker munchings and Dominick's bell ringing as he tries to beg for cream cheese. Michael and Douglas (and Nathan and Harvey) left tonight for the shop in Mechanicsburg (the Black Hole). They were going to drop Douglas off with his cousin for a couple days, and pick him up again on the way home wednesday. That means I have TWO nights in the apartment, all to myself :) GRIN. I love being home alone, maybe because it's such a rare occurrence in the last few years. I think it's happened one other time (last month) since Douglas was born, and he'll be 3 in March. I already re-arranged the living room (though that was before they left, but in anticipation I think ... I STILL can't get it right, one of these days it will settle down and 'feel' right and then it will be time to move I'm sure) and now I'm off to do a bit of reading before bed, alas I still have to get up in time for work tomorrow. And message my MIL who is also now home alone (with her own black cat) and probably grinning as wide as I am. The joys of solitude, in your own comfy space, when it usually full of men and boys and chaos and pulls in 6 directions. Selah.

(3 more days to Arizona and Bon, yipee!)