the trip that went awry

Alas my quietness last night was broken, at 1:30 am ... JUST after I fell into the most delightful part of my sleep. It was my husband calling, from the side of the road :( Apparently they made it as far as Wendy's place to drop off Douglas, and 20 min down the road the car stopped with a fuel pump problem. Must be the swirling edges of the black hole coming out to suck the life out of the car ... they ended up with Wendy having to wake up BOTH two-year-olds at 2am, pack them in the car, and come to pick them up. Not a very restful night ... and last I heard at 1 today they were still hunting around for a fuel pump ... doesn't bode well for them making it back here tomorrow night before I leave for Arizona! Glad I'm home and (finally) warm and dry. Actually worked all day today too, not on my own work but on what I was being paid to do. I have to grit my teeth at times, I don't really like working on sales presentations for major drug companies when I don't like the way they do business at all. Can't be too picky these days though.