Your uvula is your gagger, you know.

I miss Douglas, he's only been gone two days but I guess I'm more fragile this week than I thought. They're on their way here, courtesy of Wendy, and I'll probably get to kiss him on the way in and then leave before he wakes up, off to see Bon. Be brief cuz I still want to make bread before I go to sleep, but I remembered today what happened earlier this week. I was getting Douglas ready for bed, and the usual brush teeth/go pee/get in pj's ritual (well, sometimes get pj's, sometimes put back on the same clothes he wore during the day ... I'm not too picky!) was at the 'go pee' stage when he decided to ask one of the fun questions. After poking his 'pee pee' down so he could aim it in the water, he pointed to his testicles and asked "mom, what is this?". I stupidly said "what's what douglas" ... "What's THIS Mom?" stabbing even more determinedly at his balls. Well, I panicked. Running through all the possible answers to that question, I said "Go ask your Dad", and then immedately reconsidered the silliness of that one. I recanted after 10 seconds and said "those are your testicles, douglas", at which he was content. I KNOW it's not the bigger Where Do Babies Come From? (See here for a great story on that one), but it still caught me off guard and warned me that he's just prepping me for the more fun ones. He almost tricked his Opa the other day, after a wee prompt from his dad he asked Opa "do you have a uvula", at which point his Opa almost started to blush, not recognizing the word and being a little unsure what he was referring to! Douglas learned the word after studying the diagram on one of his 'learning' placemats that diagrams the human body, and included a nice closeup of the mouth. When he asked what that part was for (the dangly thing in the back of your mouth in case you're wondering) michael told him it was his Gagger. So that's his preferred word for now, but he likes showing off and announcing that "your uvula is your gagger, you know. "

Now I'm really off to make bread :)