Despite the weather's attempts to keep me in NY, I made it past the enemy and into Arizona! Alas it's not exactly hot here, but certainly sunny and gorgous ... Safford has a mountain :) Rather than go into the details of how exhausting and annoying the trip was, and how I drove my husband nuts with phone calls and requests for e-mails to be sent ... I'll give a couple cool things. LaGuardia was fogbound when I arrived for my flight, and everything was grounded. Snow in Chicago, fog in NY, and bad weather in Denver made it all a huge mess. When I finally got on a flight at 3:30 pm (4.5 hours late and on a different carrier to a different city) we took off despite fog that meant very low visibility. I could see about 100 yards out the window and nothing above. We almost immediately cleared the clouds/fog and were in bright sunshine. I looked down to see nothing but clouds at first, and then looked over a little further and there, poking up from the DENSE clouds was the top third of the Empire State Building! A little further down were a couple stories each of a few buildings in the Wall St area, an NOTHING else. Very cool and rather strange. Then a little further and i spied the two curved spans of what I'm guessing was the Staten Island bridge, and a slight thinning of the clouds that seemed to define the edge of the ocean. New way to see NY :) I think I'm going to go indulge in a movie in the middle of the afternoon, and not attempt any more work ... I didn't bring my laptop and Bon's computer doesn't have the same programs I'm used to so if anything I'll do some logo sketching. I'm on vacation, right?! So good to see Mazaru here, the cat that Bon adopted from me just before I got married as he wasn't going to survive a move to a city apartment too well, he's just the same lovable and annoying beast as ever, and LOVES having the run of the house and yard, and is in his element. Cheers.