Best Present in the AM

Woke up this morning, still overtired, and dragged myself out of bed. I poked on my monitor on on the way to the bathroom, and came back for the usual "anything good?" in my inbox, full of the current slew of spam (at least until my junk filter catches up with the latest scams).  Imagine my delight ... TWO e-mails from beloved friends, the shiningest one being from the Diva that I haven't gotten an e-mail from in months (no computer made it hard!), and have been loving but not quite fully connecting with in person for the last few months.  I carefully erased all the junk from around it, and opened it to find love and energy and questions all packed into a response to my post from yesterday.  What a GREAT way to start the day :)  Now to scavenge breakfast (of the calorie type) before tearing out the door.  Grin.