getting sick

Alas the cold that Douglas is just getting rid of seems to be migrating to me ... and I thought I could escape the sneezing coughing dripping coughing dripping woes. Sigh. Just going to look up a few apartments on craigslist (I'm an addict, hope I can keep it short), admire my new toy, and go to bed. The Big Bank client of yesterday gave me a nifty little 128mb keychain usb drive, cute and tiny and blue, complete with some mutual fund logo on the side. (similar to this) Now I can take my peronal files to work and work files home, no more hotmail messes with invalid file extensions and supposed viruses. Grin. I do get to do personal work at the Ad Agency a lot of the time, today was a slow day and they have nothing for me to fill in with and don't mind at all if I do my own stuff while I wait. I did a logo draft for another client and updated michael's homepage with a pic of the newest painting.