Bored at Work

Thought I'd try the new "post to your blog using e-mail" thing, rather than do the work I should be doing :) I'm at my very slow nyc freelance job, and have work to do for my older Chicago freelance job while I'm sitting here, but am dallying as usual. Leftover soup for lunch turned out to be more trouble than it was worth ... how do you eat long bean sprouts and vermicelli noodes, in broth, with a small plastic spoon, in front of two officemates and a hovering boss? You don't. TOO much trouble, splatters on the desk, noodles hanging to be slurped and bean sprouts sticking out both sides of my mouth. I retired in defeat, am about to eat an orange, and "will" get one project finished before I bolt in 25 minutes. Yes. I will.

(after I check to see if this works :)