more on that control bit

went away this weekend with some girlfriends and moms, and had a lovely time. didn't manage to cry like I felt the need to, and the one point at which i started to sniff (during the Worldvision plea at church) I didn't feel comfortable to cut loose so i bottled it up. some control, eh? then I got home late last night, still feeling all pent up and crazy, and promptly picked a fight with my husband. not a pretty scene, but i managed to get my feelings out in the open, and we got things sorted out. i guess there are many ways to 'control' reactions, and many are NOT healthy. i knew that, just had a lovely reminder last night.

after the blowup, we sat down at 11pm to make the hallowe'en costume that douglas has been asking for/promised, and needed to wear to school this morning. by 1am the pieces were drying by the heater in his room, and the crowning touches of were added this morning before we tore out the door. pics to come, no way to download here at the office ... but in case you're wondering what on earth he is, the pics on my camera inspired 3 co-workers to go get pizza for lunch ... it looked that good :) He's a lovely slice of pepperoni pizza.