Enjoying Things

Made it thru the week with a lot of naps, and enjoying the weekend. Enjoying a few recent purchases too, more than I'd like to admit but I admit it ;) I'm *very* pleased with ...
- 5 Thonet-style chairs for our dining room, lovely round black seats, bentwood backs, and the ability to fit them around the table without huge elbow-bashings on chairs that were too wide, scraping them on the brick wall, etc ... and generally not enjoying them one whit. I've enjoyed these more in 24 hours than the other chairs in the previous 2 years. Going to 'freecycle' them now, and bet they'll be gone in about 8 minutes. Promised that is, and picked up probably by the end of the night.
- Two tickets to Billy Joel in Philly in March! Row 13, though admittedly behind the stage. I asked several years ago for 'tickets to a major concert' as a birthday gift, and the time has come. I never did the concert thing in high school, was always a bit jealous of those who did, and I think Karin invited me at one point and I had to say no w/out even asking my parents. Doug introduced me to Billy Joel, and I've loved his stuff ever since. His old songs like Downeaster Elexa get me every time, I don't know why. But we're going, and I figure at 5-months of pregnancy it's not the greatest idea, but I'm not worried for one evening. I went to an Irish Rovers concert when 8+ months with Douglas, and got stuck sitting about 15 feet from the speakers ... that was painful actually, but he seems to have perfect (though selective) hearing.
- A live Christmas Tree :) Douglas has been begging, partly due to talk at school but mostly because Stephanie got one in her room, and has lights and 'planets' on it. So we bought a 4' one at the farmers market, and got the craziest cheap ornaments that I'll have to post pics of. Going for the planet/stars theme, and may have to do some ornament painting ... we also scored mini-disco balls in all colors, crazy fiery glass icicles (rockets) and blue/red balls with silver dimples in them (the moon). Pics to come :) ... and probably more pics after the cats have attacked it.

Happy Saturday.