fresh morning

After a long talk with the landlord last night over the whole move/sublet issue, we ended up deciding to sublet our living room for the next 7 months till our lease is up. Seems we can rent it for more than I thought, and I really was NOT relishing the thought of packing up in a crazy hurry and trying to swing a move. Now the hunt for a compatible roomie who wants to live with a family :) I'm sure there are plenty who aren't looking for a swinging single party scene, but want more of a home atmosphere. We may even loft our bed again, like we did years ago.

With that relief in my heart, the morning was a shining one. I even got up in time to get the bread baked before work, i LOVE that smell in the morning :)

One thing I've never mentioned about working in midtown is that I'm just about 6 blocks below Central Park. I haven't made it to the park yet, but it means that on mornings above about 25 or 30 degrees, I often hear the sound of clopping hooves, and see several carriages making their way up 8th Avenue in the middle of 3 lanes of traffic ... on their way to do tourist runs in the park. This morning I heard one speed up, and looked over to see him scooting to catch the light before slowing back down to a walk. An enjoyable part of my morning :)

Now on to see how far I can get on my newsletter before getting handed some work.