Inspired by Purple Pines ... so I stole the title :) Thanks Deb!
Starting to notice my cycles, maybe related to my monthly cycle and maybe not ... but in terms of how I push myself hard and run on adrenaline and little sleep, and then eventually crash (often by getting sick). I enjoy the momentum of attacking a big project (ie the Renter quest, involving cleaning out every closet and corner in our apt to gain space, lofting the bed, etc ...) because the conclusion is so satisfying and restful. I try not to go over more than one weekend, or I lose all ability to rest and get burned out ... the rest is so much better when I'm tired and satisfied. The tradeoffs are numerous ... when I get 'on a roll' I don't really want to talk to ppl or do anything really that's not directly related to the goal. I consciously keep myself active, even when I'm not able to work on the project (ie right now as I'm sitting in the office and *can't* move my furniture around) so that I have the energy to dive right into it when I get the chance. It's like a continuous puzzle being assembled in my head.

When it's finished, I rest and enjoy.

The downside is all the things that don't get attention, because in my head they fall into the "no-productive" category.

I started this post Thursday and got sidetracked. It's now Sunday afternoon, and I HAVE rested and enjoyed. Next post will show what I enjoyed :)