Resting :)

It's been a truly enjoyable weekend so far. Had a date with my husband on Friday night, going out for Thai food and then to see the Aviator. Fascinating movie, not a feel-good or happy movie, but a deep portrait of a driven man with obesessive/compulsive disorder who wasn't afraid of risk. Amazingly silent theatre. Not something I want to watch over and over, but enjoyably intense.
Saturday was more house-rearranging, and a good converation with the neighbor about her moving her music studio into our living room ... pending more discussion today on whether she can swing the finances. Then we went to see the Gates, meeting up with Paula. Got there after the bright sun was gone, but well before dark. CROWDED near the southern end where we went in, and I got a bit claustrophobic but survived :) Douglas wanted to touch the curtains, and got his chance.

It got VERY cold and windy and douglas was wailing that he wanted to go home, so we decided to hop the closest bus as the subway was 4 long blocks away. We got onto a very crowded bus, barely fitting into the doorway. Michael had douglas in teh backpack, and some woman a few seats back offered up her seat so Michael could sit down with him. Surrounded by a passel of women anywhere from 35 to 65, Douglas went to town. The bus crawled thru nasty traffic, and he flirted, talked, tickled, laughed, and entertained. He ended up getting an orange from some woman sitting in front of him, and it was being shared all around. I was in a good converation with Paula and was standing several seats away, so only kept half an ear on what was going on. I could tell the conversation was growing from one row and had reached about 4 rows up, with everyone entering in and enjoying. Then I heard Douglas say something and a roar of laughter that went on and on. Apparently there was a discussion about where oranges come from, and whether they grow on trees. Douglas loudly offered up that yes oranges grew on trees, but that Money didn't. Hence the laughter, and comments like "you sure got that right!". I have no idea where he got the phrase, I don't think I've ever used it ... but I can't deny that he HAS heard money comments in this house lately. Maybe time to shift those conversations out of his hearing :)

Had a wonderful time with Paula, she just left an hour ago. Nice late dinner with wine and good conversation, and a relaxing morning over breakfast and tea and coffee. Fellowship is yummy!