What seems to be happening ...

One reason I started this blog was to get more comfortable with expressing myself in writing, and it seems to be paying off. I'm finding that the way I'm writing my coaching homework, my e-mails, etc is all starting to shift and get more relaxed. At least it feels that way to write it.

Fighting extreme frustration at home right now ... the balance in our home life is way off from where we both want it to be, so working on shifting it. I never wanted to spend 4 full days a week away from home working in an office again, and I'm doing just that. I leave in a hurry, sometimes before Douglas is awake, and get home to find Michael wading knee deep in dishes and dinner and piles of paper and an overtired Douglas who hasn't napped at the sitters. Inevitably Michael gets down to business around 4, and has to leave to get Douglas by 5. He's not a multitasker by nature, and is much better at focusing on Douglas exclusively than I am. The time they spend together in the AM is great, but the day isn't resulting in Michael getting done what he's aiming to accomplish, whether it's the current painting commission or working on a carving at the warehouse or job hunting or art marketing. Hmm. He also has a need to get Out and About that's stronger than mine, but currently I'm getting most of it.

Something will give somewhere soon :) I miss time at home with Douglas and also just plain time at home doing home and coaching things, both of which are suffering currently.

In other news, my Marketing Buddy Coach challenged me to get Out there with my marketing this month so I've committed to teaching a teleclass by the first week of March ... details coming soon on my coaching website!

I'm SO looking forward to the weekend. Means more now than it has for awhile.