Now THAT was a weekend !

Two days of gorgeous balmy weather, melting snow, time in the park with Douglas, a delightful Cedar date (including a trip to the theatre to see Sideways, painfully delightful), and the beginnings of apartment re-arranging. All good.

I have this rather obsessive thing that once something is decided, at least when it comes to any kind of changes at home, it needs to be started on immediately. So Saturday night I started thinking about how to fit the contents of our LARGE living room into the rest of the apartment so that we can rent it out. Not an easy proposition, and a nicely challenging mental jigsaw puzzle with hundreds of pieces. The mental part only extends to furniture and boxes, but that's not really true when you consider my memory of what's in each box, and how much of it can be gotten rid of in some way to free up space. I dragged Michael into my mental gymastics, and after getting out the tape measure and checking measurements in catalogs, we finally came to a peaceful resolution of what new patterns the pieces will fit into ... voila. Now to snap my fingers and have everything hop into it's new home. Douglas' room got the first overhaul, and though he temporarily lost his "cave" (not used for months and now suddenly the most treasured thing) it's now a cozier spot with a book reading chair (the one I bought to nurse him in, was that 3 years ago??).

I'm still adjusting to the whole idea of having someone live with us, a total stranger to start with. We had people living with us in the two years we spent in PA, but that was a brother(in-law) and then 6 months of his friend. I do like my privacy, but can deal with having it more limited. Sharing a bathroom and a kitchen ... not the end of the world, and really part of the nyc experience for most people. I'm just starting it a little late :) I'm not dreading it, but contemplating it rather warily and bracing myself a bit for possible situations, knowing that most of them are not that likely. What are the chances that we'll end up with someone who will ... you know I'm not even going to go there. When I think back to some of the things I've lived through in my own house in the past 3 years, I can't think of much that would shock me or set a hellish new precedent, so what am I worrying about!? It's called life, and it's good. All good.