I went to put my head down last night to go to sleep, and discovered my pillow was far less comfortable than normal. My hand reached underneath to pull out whatever it was, and I had to sit up, move the pillow, and pull out ... two trucks, a plastic Sam-I-Am doll on wheels, a helicopter, and a pile of nickels. Buried TREASURE! I'm not sure the pirate that buried it has remembered to try to reclaim it, it's still sitting on my dresser where I stashed it last night. Remember how indescribably precious those things were at one time? The intense delight in acquiring, HAVING, and possessing important and small THINGS.

Grin. I still have a few such things in my drawer from my childhood, too precious to ever use (were you a hoarder too?), so now they wait for Douglas to enjoy, or perhaps a sale on Ebay if it's my Mini Peanuts Pencil Case, complete with Mini notebook :)