Didn't make you wait long now did I? Besides this blog rolls up so you'll see this before my last post unless you happen to watch my blog like a hawk ... as I'm sure you ALL do in your breathless excitement to see what's cooking over here!

Michael had gotten a call on one of our Craigslist posts by a girl (S. for now) who wanted to come by on Saturday evening to see the room. First person to respond directly to our ad, rather that us responding to room-wanted posts. So we spent Saturday afternoon cleaning, tidying, and re-arranging the kitchen so there was free cupboard and shelf space making obvious room for a new person. We learned our lesson from Mr. X, and didn't even tell Douglas that someone was stopping by. She arrived a little later than expected, JUST as I was sitting down to blog.

She walked in the door, said "wow, this is beautiful!" and was immediately confronted with "hi, want to come play with my trains?!" Our ever-friendly and over-excited by visitors son was ready to demand all her attention. After negotiating that she'd look around first and then play with trains, she got a chance to walk into the front room. I think she was sold even before then (having seen pics online) but if she had any doubts they were erased. She didn't poke into every corner, photo, and book title like Mr X had, looking for clues as to our personality and background, but just plain enjoyed. Rather refreshing!

Douglas, meanwhile, was parked in front of a Richard Scarry video to keep him from following her around like a screeching leech, begging her to come play with him.

After looking at the room and talking about furniture, storage, etc and getting a glass of water, she sat down at the kitchen table with a "So, what do you think? I'm comfortable, are you??" ... rather catching both of us off guard. Needless to say we didn't take long to look at each other, having already decided in our hearts that she was perfect, friendly, not TOO NY with all caps (raised in the south) and not looking for a new best friend. She was ready to hand over the deposit, in cash, and move in April 1. We convinced her to look at the rest of the apartment and back yard, and talked about details like guests, noise, other tenants, and all that kind of stuff.

Michael gave her a hug goodbye, stepping slightly over the "correct" line but expressing how we all felt, so of course I had to follow suite :)

This link will take you to a 3mb or so .avi movie of Michael's reaction ... a bit dark but delightful to see. joy anyone?