i AM a mom

yup, a Mom. not something I consciously label myself as until a "momemotion" sneaks up on me and surprises me, go figure. my son and husband left this morning (early, and douglas was excited as all get out and michael was wishing for more sleep and more coffee) ... and the house was eerily quiet. i slept in, ignoring the phone (the only major non-quiet part), and didn't feel more than one shred guilty for seeing them off and then crawling back in bed when I knew how tired michael was. his turn will come :) then after my errands, leisurely lunch with a friend, and coaching session I wasn't quite sure what to do with myself. the few other times I've been home and they've been away I've exulted in my freedom and turned in circles in excitement. perhaps that will hit me tomorrow but I'm realizing I won't see Douglas again till next Friday, and that currently seems a long way to go for "lots of kisses and hugs mom". Yes, I miss him.

However, I have no doubts I'll enjoy myself here :) Off to bed and a book and leftover ginger cookies ... what's not to enjoy?!

oh, then again i may not get to sleep in tomorrow ... our block, cross-street, and several other blocks in the area are marked NO PARKING starting at 5am tomorrow "by order of the NY Movie Making Commission" or something to that effect. We shall see :)