on being alone ...

Well, Michael decided to stay in canada for a couple extra days, which turned into 3 due to train schedules. Which leaves us exactly 23 hours at home together before I hop on a bus an go up to Canada myself to visit Deb and friends, and pick up Douglas. My visions of having time to talk without interruptions, and time to relax together seem to be disappearing from sight, much to my disappointment. Which means that I think a family vacation has just moved right up the list of "highly desired travel plans" and is jockying for position with "visit grambie asap". Perhaps a logical combination? I don't think we've had more than 3 nights away from home, with just the 3 of us, in the last 18 months. Two of those nights were after friends' weddings in which we were involved (not exactly free or un-scheduled time) and the third was in Ecuador while Douglas was just starting to recover from being deathly ill and couldn't enjoy anything. I however LOVE the photo taken of him that night, so here it is :)

SO what I think I'm saying is "WE NEED A FAMILY VACATION!". So I shall start conniving and scheming how to bring that about. Nuff said.
How is that about being alone? I think it's that I don't really need or want to be alone right now, but have been for a week. Cedar came over this weekend and we had a wonderful and relaxing and free time together (though we were both disappointed in House of Flying Daggers ... the plot was too disjointed and weird) so I did get some good friend time in :).
I *have* mangaged, joyfully, to have breakfast before leaving the house (as opposed to nibbling a bagel while running to the subway) and be actually ready to leave on time! Though this morning I spent 25 minutes tearing the house apart looking for my itty bitty flash drive, which I actually needed for my first client today as they gave it to me for their work specifically. I even hunted through Douglas' treasure box and fire engine seat to see if he'd hidden it ... he's quite obsessed with the cap over the usb connector, and the way it fits into the computer. It finally surfaced in a purse I vaguely remembered using last week, thank God, and I opted to skip the post office scramble and sit down to now-cold breakfast and the NY Times which was mysteriously delivered to my door this morning for the first time ever. There *are* some things to be said for being alone :)