Haven't had much real rest lately, just snatches of it. Sleep yes, rest no. Very much need to learn how to rest, and in my own home too (thanks Mike) ... seems I can't really rest unless I'm not here. Rather a handicap I think as a home should the be the most restful place of all. Not just exhausted rest from completing a huge list of tasks, but resting no matter what is or isn't done.

Paula has some *awesome* pics on her blog right now, and many of them ooze rest to me ... delightfully so. Gonna find it I am ... and starting with going and picking one of David's gift novels off the shelf that's been waiting to be read, getting a snack of Debbie's Balderson cheese, and curling up in bed with a salute to Mike for helping me see the need.

Oh, and Douglas turns 3 tomorrow. Wheeeeeee! And Wow.