Mr X is coming over this afternoon to see if he likes our frontroom and wants to live there ... he's a painter and woodworker also, and seems so far to be a man of few words if you go by his e-mail. Feels rather like a first date, tidying the house but not too much, wondering what he'll think and if he'll like us and vice versa ... I almost freaked cuz michael went out to buy coffee, after Mr X said he'd be here, and I didn't want to be here alone when he came. Not out of any fear of him at all, just that initial awkwardness in a meeting that michael is much better at getting past easily than I am. He's late for when he said he'd be here, so I'm done sweeping and dish washing and playing dominoes with Douglas and dancing to a song on a Debbie mix with him, partially with him and partially while he sat on a pillow and watched. Now he's reading a book with Michael and I'm blog surfing to check up on my friends :)

I moved my computer to the other end of my desk yesterday, so that I actually have a place to rest my arm while using the mouse. Muchly improved, I was getting back and shoulder pains regularly which isn't so fun.

Douglas had a cool b-day on Friday, very low key. He's so estatic with his new Thomas Train set from my parents that he couldn't be happier. Thomas has gone to bed with him, to the bathroom, to the park, etc ... there seem to be no places that are taboo. We were to go to a kids art museum (see jan 22 post) yesterday with him and his friend Paolo and parents, but Paolo had a cold so we took a raincheck ... no skin off his back.