Scene: Post Office
Waiting in line to mail a package, Douglas is antsy, tired, and twirling around the stanchions that create the interminable line. Will they all go on break just as it gets to be my turn this time? "Change directions Douglas" ... trying to minimize the dizziness as I'm too tired to pick him up yet again and put him on my shoulders. Quietly, as he's slightly behind me, I hear "Man ... belly ... man ... belly." Without really turning around, immediately realizing what must be happening, I say "That's not nice, Douglas" and follow up with some kind of distraction. Needless to say I managed to glance behind me a minute later to see a very rotund and short man behind me, staring at the ceiling and not looking like he cared a whole lot about anything.

Scene: The office yesterday morning, half-listening to a staticky station that M had on, playing Howard Stern

Ignoring comments about Terry Shiavo, tired of the media circus, I almost missed the voice of a small child being replayed. The tape of a 911 call by a 5-year-old girl who had just found her parents, shot and killed, in their bedroom. Made me sick to my stomach, and wonder what it means to have a your parents gone like that at that age, and how it will affect her. I've had an amazingly free-from-horror life ... and thank God for it.

Scene: Giving Douglas a bath
After several days of struggling with a more-controlling-than-ever child, I was about at my wits end. Michael was hours late coming home on Wednesday, so we'd had dinner together (thankfully he loved lime beef tortillas) and I popped him into the tub. He started to fight me again, and I simply started removing toys from the tub. Each protest resulted in another toy leaving the tub and getting popped into the sink instead. Protests ceased. "Can I get out?" He immediately wanted to be wrapped in a towel, so I rolled him up in it like the tortilla he'd just eaten and tucked the end in. I looked at him, a foot away from my face, and marvelled at how old he seemd all of a sudden, like his face had changed overnight again. He curled up on my lap and just snuggled, happy and content and quiet. I fell in love with him all over again, my wet boy and a half who still likes to sit on my lap.