crawling out ...

from being in hiding. shedding responsibilities wherever possible :) class tonight (coaching) about game vs. significance. how much do i make significant that could be a game or at least more relaxed? answer : most things.
gave myself the task of making two matching pairs of pants, for douglas and his new cousin, in time for getting them shipped to chicago to be taken to ecuador for the new cousin. next week. and my sewing machine is currently in nj. and i don't believe in patterns and have never made a pair of pants. but how hard can it be, right? i have hours and hours of free time to spend on it, right? right.

so i started with the little mini sewing machine that michael once decided was fun to buy for me. battery operated, great for hemming, takes only a bobbin. sewing anything in a straight line was a joke, i abandoned that one rapidly. got a sewing machine from cedar (so not fun to carry on the subway, how did you ever manage getting it to NJ paula?!) and set to work. made dov's first so i could work the kinks out. got dov's done, ran out of time to do paul's. grin. but I had fun, and there is mail service to ecuador so they'll just have to wait a little longer.

douglas rather reluctantly agreed to be a model, and though he loved the concept of having pants made for him, he really could care less what he wears ... at least so far! thank goodness :)

you can't really see the snazzy little purple silk cuffs at the bottom, all the better to come unrolled, trip over, and fill with crumbs. you can't see all the flaws either, but does that matter? not! they're fun pants :)