What am I afraid of?

Taking Douglas out on public transportation has turned into a bit of a dicey business the last few months, at least for me. I think I'm just afraid of dealing with people being offended at his blunt commentary, and yet not wanting to quell his friendliness in any way. So we go out, and I wince inwardly a bit in situations where I can't take him aside in any way to explain why what he just said wasn't cool or nice.

So yesterday he/I headed over to Manhattan to run an errand, and left around 8pm when he was doing his final windup for the night. We get down into the subway and he starts up immediately talking loudly, screeching, etc ... waiting for the echo that our stop generally offers up. We take up a slouch against the wall, with him just behind me as he's in the backpack that he's really grown too big for. There are a few people scattered on each side of the platform, but no one is talking. A pregnant pause, and then in the perfectly commanding voice of a ringmaster, loudly projected from just behind my left ear for the whole station to hear ... "How do you make a grape? (strategic pause) ... With a sewing machine!! (giggle and another pause) ... A GRAPE sewing machine!!"

For some reason I found this hilarious, probably mostly because it's my son, yes, and wasn't offensive to anyone else ... but I enjoyed it.