summer anyone?

It seemed too perfect today to do anything but relax, so that's just about all I did. Douglas had a playdate, and his good friend Niko came over w/his mom and we just hung out. Aside from Niko crawling under the fence in back into the yard of the mechanics' shop, and refusing to come back (the mom's being too large to crawl under the same small fence, and Douglas not likely to be much help in getting him back) we had a great time! Sun, sand(box), quesadillas, chatter, and then off home for respective naps before heading over to Niko's house for the first cookout of the year, drinks and 'dogs and sausages and grilled corn, and very tired and happy kids. I'm sticking my filthy feet (first day totally barefoot!!) out the window as I type and letting them get a bit cleaner in the rain that's finally hit. Ahhhh, summer :)