Three double yolked eggs for breakfast. In a row. Not a bad start to the day :)

Then off to the subway, meeting my most persistent "spare some change I don't mean no harm" woman, who instantly recognized me and fell into step. I asked her name this time (Daiah or something similar) and found today's story believable actually. She's been living at a halfway house a couple blocks away (I'd heard a bit about it before) and had gotten into school but the classes were terrible. Then her ex found her and there was a huge scene, the cops came, etc ... and now her counsellor has recommended she move to a new facility. She was just out 'waiting for the bus' and giving the street one last work-over. She managed to convince me to give her the pile of quarters I'd discovered in my coat pocket, telling me it was the last time I's see her. We shall see about that!

Anyone want to come visit? We received a new couch (loveseat/hideabed actually) that is one of those well-loved, squishy, comfy, curl up and read a book places. Which Douglas and I did this morning ... listening to Johnny Cash Unearthed (Mother's Hymnbook album) which was handed to me yesterday by a coworker, as he received two for Christmas. Good listening.

I babble with nothing much to say, so I'll go try to convince myself to write up some homework.