Celebrity Dreams

Two nights ago I dreamed that I was dancing with Madonna. She looked like some of her early pictures, long simple blonde hair, and nothing remarkable about her in any way except that I knew she was Madonna ... no 'celebrity' at all. The dancing was rather slow, languid, and very peaceful ... I think we held one hand raised together and twirled around. The very strange part was that I had my mouth full of hardly-baked bread dough ... and I mean FULL. I was trying to chew off little bits, or spit the whole thing out, but it was like it had filled my whole mouth so much I really couldn't do anything with it, and didn't want to stop and go over to the corner and pull it out with my hands. It didn't suffocate me at all, just felt annoying.

There was more but I don't remember it. Strange.

Then last night I dreamed about Jay Leno, that we were both part of a game something like ping-pong, but without the net or table, just batting a ball like that around. He picked me up and was swooping me around (like playing airplane with a baby) to bat at the ball.

Go figure.