Good Things

Three phone calls made my day today ...

First was from my cousin, informing me that they were in the middle of a blizzard, 2 days after she'd put away all the winter coats/boots/etc for her brood of 4. Egads! A foot and counting ... and I thought cold today and a bit of rain was rough :) But that's not what made my day. She referred to a book she and her husband had been reading, about the church she/i both grew up in and how it was started. She gave me a few thoughts on how they felt about where things were at today, and what they'd like to get back to ... and I could have said those words myself 3x over in the last 6 months. So nice to think you're the only person feeling something, and find that someone else is in exactly the same boat .... the delight of pure fellowship from totally unexpected sources :) A scrap of mirror.
(One of her girls ...)

Next was from Su, just calling to say Hi. A lovely voice from the Chicago days who has stuck with me till today, despite our utterly different lives. A true delight :)

While I was on w/Sue, and half watching Toy Story 2 with Douglas/Michael, my cell phone rang ... voila, I have a haircut scheduled for next Monday. Yay! Been needing one, and got a deal thru (I'm addicted, I confess)

Good connections :)