Have Puger , Will Pose

A couple of weeks ago, my cousin called wondering if he could borrow Douglas for a photo shoot to more or less replicate this pic for a graphic design project.

After hunting down a hat and pistol (puger ... make sound of a gunshot and you'll get it), making a mask, and cutting down a t-shirt, we came up with the following. The tricky part was getting him to stay solemn, when he was inclined to giggle wildly, make puging sounds constantly, and bounce up and down on the bed. I have no idea if any will get used yet, but he certainly enjoyed himself. I'm not that keen on guns as toys to put it mildly, but having it around the house for a few days brought up some chances to get across the idea that guns weren't for fun (at least in any city context I should say). It's currently tossed in my sock drawer (yes I have one even though I'm barefoot most of the time) and he seems to have accepted that quite happily.