Interview ...

I accepted Comfortably Crazy's interview challenge, and at long last I'm answering her questions :)

1.) If you could change one thing about the way you were raised what would it be, and do you do it with your child?

That's a good one ... though I'll preface my answer with saying I appreciate more and more, as my son gets older, how my parents raised us and how *calm* my mom always seemed to be ... though I strongly suspect she was a lot less calm under the surface. But to answer the question ... I would change the way I was taught to have one 'face' for the meeting and another for the rest of my life. I'm talking about the surface things like skirts at meeting/pants at home and school (except for when important people were over like my mom's parents or laboring brothers (travelling preachers))... Mom not buying a stereo because she didn't want people to think we were spending "the Lord's money" on frivolous things, etc. I think that bred a lot of hypocrisy in me and in the family ... all in the name of "not offending weaker ones". I do believe in respecting other's beliefs and feelings and not deliberately riling them up by flaunting what I feel free to do, but I don't believe in pretending to be what I'm not. Do I do this to Douglas? I don't believe so, although I probably try to get him to be better behaved in public than he actually is, so that people will think I'm a 'good' mom. Changing appearances for bad/poor reasons ... that's the root.

2.) If you were told you had to pick one job/career to do for the rest of your life what would it be?

I think I'd pick what I'm doing (trying to do rather) now and be a life coach. There is no end to the enjoyment or variety, the difference niches I can specialize in, and the pure joy of seeing someone change and be happier and more free. Shedding fears and tolerances and paralyzing beliefs that are rooted in things the client isn't even consious that they believe (until you help them dig it out and look at it)... that's addictive stuff :). It's a big part of being a Mom too, (though heaven forbid I be a coach *only* to my kid) ... the virtually unconditional support, belief in their ability to learn and grow, helping them see what doors are open and what amazing things are possible, and giving them some of the tools they need to get there. It seems a *lot* of people in the coaching profession have kids, as I think being a parent helps you naturally learn good coaching skills.

3.) What would you do to change your life or yourself if you had unlimited resources and there would be no consequences?

Wow, that's pretty open-ended :) The first thing that comes to mind actually is travel and land ... seeing other countries, and buying little hideaways in the ones that intrigue me the most. Going to them whenever the whim strikes me, and staying as long as I want. Taking family/other people if I felt like it, or going alone. I'd also hire someone to be a personal chef, and cook/prepare one main meal a day for me.

4.) If your child brought home someone that you absolutely couldn't stand but they were in love with them what would you do?

Ouch. First I guess try to see what they love in them. Pray a lot. See if there's anything I would say/caution or just let it play out ... probably depends a fair bit on the child's age ... I'd behave very differently if they were 15 vs. 20. I'm guessing I'd start backing off more on commentary around 18 or 19 ... but hard to say. Depends too on what it is that I can't stand ... just personality or dress or whatever is a different issue than someone that I don't trust at all to be kind or honest or good to my child, then I'd voice my concerns for sure.

5.) If you were given a million dollars and could not spend it on yourself or family what would you do with it?

Probably start with reducing some friend's debts, buying people plane tickets to visit friends/family. Sending families with small kids who've never been able to travel much to another country for a week or two (the positive impact on me from my trips as a child was huge I think). Look for chances to keep people from slipping over the edge into debt. Send a copy of Babette's Feast to every meeting I can find an address for. Pay for the professional printing/burning of Mike's Peter the Grey album and lots of copies of it. That covers the top of mind stuff ... basically lots of smallish things that I believe in and that bring others' joy or at the very least help them change in a good way.

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