Well, I'm not angry anymore. The strength of it was scary, but that comes from bottling it up and not letting feelings out. I'm starting to see what Deb and others have been telling me for ages ... let the feelings roll! I have this huge hangup that emotions of all kinds, especially negative ones, are to be censored/blocked/bottled up. Not at all healthy. Emotions equal vulnerability to me, and I'm very prejudiced against vulnerability in myself, though I have no problem with it in others ... how hypocritical is that? Ended up crying in a movie yesterday, which was good ... and the movie was amazing.

Crash. Nothing like what I expected, though I have no idea what I expected? Addressed racisim and prejudice head-on and with both barrels ... very in your face and intense. Very interesting to me to see it in a theatre in downtown brooklyn where 99 percent of the audience was seeing it from the black perspective and Cedar/I from the white. Hearing the comments and outbursts behind us gave me a much more colorful soundtrack playing alongside the dialog that really added to my understanding of the whole thing. Highly recommended.