Weekending ...

I had a truly enjoyable and relaxing weekend, minus a bit of sleep deprivation :) Friday night we actually sat down and watched a video ... Michael picked Dune which I'd never read or seen. It felt a bit like they were reading every 5th sentence from the book, and it moved VERY slowly, but I stayed somewhat intrigued for 2 hours anyhow. I think 3/4 of the appeal was sitting next to my husband on the couch doing absolutely nothing but watching for 2 hours.

Saturday Douglas and I ran errands and stopped in the park to play in the 'misters' or whatever they call them ... they turn on these little sprayers when it's above 80 degrees, and it most definitely was ... it's not supposed to drop below 75 until wednesday night. Summer has definitely hit, and though I find hot/humid weather makes me a bit lethargic I'm loving it. Michael/Nathan spent all day wrestling with the landlords decrepit plumbing in his apartment (below us) and I could hear the banging, sawing, and gurgling in strange places most of the day. They solved the 2 problems they'd known about, and at least 2 more that they uncovered. They appeared greasy and triumphant JUST in time to shower and tear out the door into the rain, supper in hand, to see They Might Be Giants in concert in Manhattan. Douglas was extremely wound up, and wiggled all the way there. We arrived just in time, and found that the downpour had nicely cleared the area out and we could be quite close to the stage! Douglas loves their NO! album, and they sang quite a few songs from that. He seemed to find it fascinating at first, but a bit overwhelming and loud ... he perched in Michael's shoulders and watched the stage, the crowd, the other kids ... all with a rather fixed stare. A few songs got him animated, but after they went into their second set he decided the pirate ships were much more interesting, as we were at the South Street Seaport and there are several schooners docked there. Alas he couldn't get on any of them, but snuck up one ramp and pretended. He came home quite happily with a glow-wand not all that different from the ones I always craved when we used to go to Buckingham Fountain in Chicago at night with guests.

Erica and her Mom came much later than night, after a cousin's wedding and a wrong turn on the BQE, staggering in near 2am. We moved Douglas into our bed at that point, and they took over his room. Then the fun began ... I didn't mention that he's been sporting several varieties of red spots the last few days, and while I assumed it was heat rash I wasn't sure. He was hot (our bed being 8 feet nearer the ceiling isn't a blessing in hot weather) and horribly itchy, and he scratched, thrashed, kicked, moaned for juice and back scratches, and generally made sleeping impossible all night. I think there was an hour or two near dawn that was slightly restful. Needless to say we opted to keep him home on Sunday, and Erica/I/her mom ended up going to the Puerto Rican Day parade ... a hugely packed and loud and long event that ran for about 40 blocks of 5th avenue. We got a decent vantage point and suffered the throngs for about an hour, but the suffering seemed to outweigh the enjoyment, at least for Erica's mom and her athsma, so we shed our shoes (Erica's lead believe it or not!) and took the train back to the West Village for a much more sedate and quiet lunch, and then on home. My first subway barefooting of the year :)

I realize this is a bit of a 'travelogue' but so it is for today. I've been deliberately not writing much about my mood swings lately, realizing that I do have to acknowledge my feelings, but writing about them ad nauseum seems to make them last longer, not get rid of them. Consciously looking for the good in things and focusing on others is a big mood lifter. Duh :)

I did fail to mention a delightful interlude with Deb and Mish and AnnaRose last week, during their escape to Metuchen. AnnaRose played shy, laughed, talked, trotted, and ate up the love. Deb and I wandered off to a quite coffee shop and talked, communed, caught up, and wrapped our fingers around each other's hearts yet again. What would I do without my friends? Truly scary thought. I've been spoiled in the last week with many talks and chances to connect, and drank it all in like I'd not seen water in weeks. Let it pour! Then Bon gave me a bucket full though we didn't get to see each other face to face ... reminding me of the Joy of the lord ... I was having trouble finding it there for awhile.

Enough babbling, I'm about to leave the icebox of the office for the sauna that is NY this week, and I'm looking forward to it.