Sitting on the back porch in the sun, hearing the neighbor two doors down say "can I step on it?" and catching his eye and grinning as he wiggled his bare feet in the newly-laid sod.

Planting flowers with Douglas at the park, while listening to opera being sung live 30 yards away.

Making a yellow, red, and purple baby quilt from leftover silk from our wedding, and finishing it in one day.

Chatting with Bon and knowing which hallway she was painting and the people and places she referred to. Answering her "what makes you happy?" question with the eventual "NOT being in control."

Going to the ice-cream shop after supper ... eating a huge double-scoop waffle cone amongst the three of us, while listening to the life african drum group playing 8 feet in front of us. Watching Douglas hand over the cone, bounce up and down and beat on the table with his hands in time to the music.

Running into our very relaxed and happy landlord outside the same shop, Douglas careening in circles from ice cream and drums, and having Charles do an imitation of what an old man he'd be if it weren't for the good doctors over at the hospital down the street (while introducing us to the man from the hospital who was walking past) ... complete with a pretend toothless grin, hunched back, and stilted speech. Then offering to buy us something as he went into the chinese shop next door to cheat on his diet with fried chicken wings.

Having a happy husband come home from his first day at his NEW JOB!! and be slightly bored (no art schlepping and hanging to actually do today) but having seen the back of Chuck Close who's art he admires, been given a $15 lunch stipend, and truly liked the people and atmosphere.

It was a GOOD day.