I seem to be paused at the moment, doing lots of reflecting internally but not feeling like voicing it. Quiet I guess. Got a wonderful letter yesterday from a most delightful friend E, who has been in a 'quiet' time for the last couple years, and just announced her reemergence back into the world of people again. Lovely to get, and to use the most archaic phrase that seems somehow perfect ... it warmed the cockles of my heart :)

Had a truly relaxing Memorial Day weekend, Sunday we hung out as a family, wandered in the park where Michael and Douglas stalked tree-branch monsters and I had my butt 'painted red' with a dead frond-ish piece of evergreen ... that boy does love to paint.

I'm off on a trip this weekend, but on the very slight chance that the person I'm hoping to surprise actually reads this blog, I'll make all the clamoring thousands of you that don't already know where I'm going wait to find out.

I didn't write my newsletter today, though I wanted it out on the first, but went into a cleaning frenzy instead, with Douglas having a lovely time commandeering the vacuum cleaner and poking the 'crevace tool' under every ledge he could find, and trying to vacuum up spots on the floor that weren't loose. He helped me pot a tomato plant also, and had a wonderful time digging in the dirt.

Speaking of dirt, we went to a cookout on Monday at his best friend Nico's place, and the 3 boys (all 3 years old) that were there had the most fun digging in Nico's dirt pile (where most would have a sand pile full of toys, he has a very cool dirt patch with the nicest loose soil in it, perfect for digging, throwing, dumping on heads, plates, and chairs .... ) Needless to say, barbecues have changed tone a bit since the single days!

Paused again ...