Daycare hunt is OVER!

At least for now :)

Just home from an hour with Orly and her husband whose name I can't pronounce and Gabrielle, a very vivacious and bright 4.5 year old who will definitely give Douglas a run for his money :) (Michael had noticed her at the playground before and thought she was a really cool kid) They are jewish, and moving to israel as soon as their apartment sells, so this will likely only be for a couple of months. Really nice, open,laid back people. She wants to take them to museums and things like that, which I'm very glad for. He starts Tuesday ... a huge relief off of my mind, at least until they sell their place. It was very funny, they were almost like brother/sister by the time we left, getting past the "why aren't you wearing any panties" bit in the first 30 minutes, and getting right down to who is faster/smarter/stronger by the time an hour had rolled around. Bonus: They're 3.5 blocks away :)