Country Mouse, City Mouse

At the last minute this weekend, we decided that this was the week to ship Douglas off to the country to his cousin Ashriel's place for the week. Our new sitter is on vacation, we found cheap bus tickets to Philly to get him halfway there, and Aunt Wendy working close by so she could pick him up and take him the rest of the way. So he/I hopped on Greyhound yesterday and went to the sweaty/hot/defeated-feeling bus station in Philly. I managed to catch DOV's foot in the station door as I was opening it, scraping off some skin and causing a lot of pain and screaming ... you feel so awful that you've inadvertently hurt them but are glad for the quick recovery I guess. A game of Ms. PacMan helped, but he didn't like the chocolate I offered as it was super dark and not sweet enough for his taste. A hot walk in the sun and really scarily-greasy Korean food finished out the afternoon, and then saying goodbye along with answering lots of questions about who was/wasn't going where, and how long he'd be gone, etc ... far more aware this time of what 'going away without mom/dad' meant. His last trip to Aunt Sharon's was rather unsettling that way I think.

I can only imagine the mischief those two will concoct ... woods, a pond, dog/cats, cows, roads ... they were off chasing goblins by the pond before bed last night ... city boy tripping over things in the pitch dark and apparently getting wildly excited. I don't envy Wendy the job of keeping them more or less in one piece, but I'm sure she'll manage fine. We'll see what rubs off on each other in 4 days ... Michael is going to fetch him on Friday.

This means 4 days at home with just the two of us ... woo hoo! I miss him already (Douglas that is) but am glad for the peace/quiet and hopefully a chance to paint together, something we've been wanting to do and now may have the time for. I think Paula is coming in to visit on Wednesday too, and we hope to hit a museum and hang out. So many to choose from ... the sad part is I've lived here for 21 months and visited exactly one museum (with Paula, now that I think about it) so I think I have some catching up to do!