The Cat Sagas continue ...

In my last post, I mentioned the neighbors cat falling onto our balcony. We've taken to leaving the front and back windows open far enough so Dominic can go in/out at will. The front opens onto a little bitty sagging ledge that he walks along to the steps, and overlooks the landlord's entryway below. The back goes onto our tiny "porch" (where Dominic insists that his water dish be kept) and then an 8-9 foot drop to the backyard. I've seen cats on our back porch many times (they climb the chainlink fence) but Dominic has never learned to navigate it.

Late the other night I woken up by a sloppy clatter/crash of a water dish (that I'd left on my desk) crashing to the floor and spilling. I climbed down out of bed to clean it up, assuming it to be Dominic, but discovered him sleepily walking over to investigate it himself. I looked out the open window just in time to see a small black/white tabby take off across the porch at a dead run, launch himself full speed straight off the back of the porch and land well into the back yard, and then scurry under the fence. The Intruder! Perhaps (s)he's the creature that Dominic chased out in the middle of the night about a month ago, once again waking me up from a dead sleep and leaving me befuddled.

You ask why don't we close the windows? That makes for a very unhappy cat, and I've been willing to let Dominic do the gatekeeping.

Now I'm reconsidering ... because of last night's drama. At about 11:30 there was the sound of a catfight that seemed to be coming from our front window, and Michael's investigation revealed Dominic facing off a grey cat in the front window. They seemed to have it sorted out, so we left them alone. Dominic never came to sleep in our bed (rather odd as the roommate wasn't home to entice him away) and Michael discovered him limping badly this morning, and with a tuft of hair sticking up on his head from a minor scratch. His leg seemed to get worse after he was put up on the bed and decided to jump down before I could set him down ... I'm hoping it's just a strain and not a fracture. There are no cuts that I can find at all, so I'm guessing he fell out the front window? Not sure. He was able to devour a whole chicken liver before I left for work, so his appetite hasn't suffered too much ... we shall see how he is when I get home. I hate having a sick cat ... he's not getting any younger ... I think he's 11 this year.