Dominic is still limping and can't bear any weight on his foot. I made a vet appt for tomorrow morning. Hoping they can decide w/out xrays, they're not exactly in the budget.

Spent 1.5 hours researching driver's license info for new york state ... ugh what a maze! Considering we've neglected to get ny licenses for 18 months (they give you 30 days supposedly) and mbv has had his wallet stolen and his old license expired, it's not surprising that we have to request PA driving records in writing, etc ... and jump thru paperwork hoops to get it all done. Looks like I'll be renting the car for our Canada trip :) as I just discovered all this this morning.

It's hot and gorgeous outside, counting the minutes till I can go outside and eat.

We actually might have a date tonight, just me and my husband ... how cool is that?! No babysitter to arrange, no daycare to fly to by 6pm, just figuring out where to meet after work :) Lovely. Perhaps we'll go dancing at The Frying Pan ;) that we discovered a bit ago, though I doubt my cold-fighting body is up for too much of that .... we shall see.