therestoftheweekend ...

... was a bit of a blur. In the nicest possible way :)

Sunday wandered right into Monday with:

> getting my newsletter out
> michael's family in town for a night
> only bits of sleep
> 2-4am playdates between Douglas and his cousin Ashriel who was only there for one night and arrived in the middle of it
> sleeping (sort of) 4-to-a-bed for a few hours before getting back up to run home, make dessert, and wrap gifts, then off to a birthday party
> 12 3-year-olds, all tired, playing together and having a ball without major incident
> meeting several new parents that are right in our neighborhood that we can hang out with
> taking lots of kid pics (but not having downloaded them yet ...)
> dinner at russell/ruth's along with my newly-married cousin tim and his delightful wife Yara
> grilled pork tenderloin and lots of cold salads
> fireworks seen from the roof of their brownstone, virtually unobstructed and without the crowds
> douglas NOT running off the edge of said roof
> a car-ride home instead of the subway
> my very own bed for 7.5 hours