Lots of 3's in WillyBees heaven ... it really was a perfect party I think.

I had to guess on most of the kids names when it comes to spelling.

We'll really miss Valentina and Dave and Nico ... they move to BC next week :( Val introduced me to Sahara's mom, declaring that we would naturally be great friends so "Long live the Valentina Legacy in Brooklyn!" I think she may have something there, we'll see how it goes.

In other news, Douglas had his first day today at the new sitter, and it went fabulously ... apparently they were acting like brother and sister before the morning was over. He didn't blink at the change of location, and was running around in the sprinklers at the park when we went to pick him up (once again riding the same train home and not realizing it ... at least this time Michael didn't run to catch up with me and have his backpack fall open and things bounce out onto the tracks ... yes, he did retrieve them) wearing nothing but his new bright orange underpants. A very happy camper, until we tried to take him home that is. May the sleep tonight catch him up a wee bit. Speaking of sleep ...