Hmm. In one of those moods today. VERY little work and I've done nothing but websurf, read blogs, catch up on London news, and get frustrated by it all. MBV called to say he was taking an alone night tonight, which he usually takes on Thursdays, but perhaps the fact that I *haven't* taken one in 2 weeks is starting to get to me. My problem, I know. That and playing in my head the mounting frustration he's had at having no time for anything but work (6 days/week) the last few weeks, and that his own projects are languishing. I'm just being petty and need to snap out of it.

Douglas was incredibly crabby and tired all day yesterday, paying for the super-charged weekend I think, and wet the bed once and peed on the bathroom floor another (thankfully *before* it's once-in-i-don't-want-to-admit-how-many-ahem-months scrubbing that I was in the mood for). We had a nice dinner with George/Debbie/Paolo last night, but all of us were so tired that the energy to connect was a bit low ... still good time with good friends and very enjoyable. Pouring rain on the way there, douglas perched on my shoulders, umbrella barely held over both of us, and delightfully bare feet traipsing thru the west village.

Been looking for cheap car rentals for trips to canada and illinois in the next two months, thought I'd found THE DEAL with budget out of hackensack nj (40% cheaper than in brooklyn), and easily reachable by subway/bus, only to discover that they don't accept debit cards. grr. we ripped up all our credit cards months ago, having decided they were evil and didn't mix well with us, so now I'm hunting for companies that allow debit card use. lovely. at least there are some, though not quite as cheap. Then again, should I be sad about NOT renting a car in a place called hackensack nj ... I don't think so! Sorry Paula, you defy the almost-rhetorical question "can any good thing come out of NJ?".

last night on the porch, after a late arrival home and getting douglas right to bed, our conversation was interrupted by a black/white cat scurrying around the corner, above our heads and on the outside of the flimsy rattan fence that borders J's deck (our upstairs neighbor). I wondered how it had gotten up there, not recognizing it as hers, but michael assured me her cats were both black/white. I assumed he could climb back into the bathroom window and didn't think about it again. Not 2 minutes later there was a scrabble-scrabble-meow-*thump* and a wet and angry and scared cat landed, feet first I believe, on our deck (a good 15 foot drop). He was promptly scooped up, carried through our apartment and past a rather curious Dominic, back up the stairs to J's apt. She was zoned out watching loud TV, didn't hear my knocks on the door with an armload of wet and frantic cat, so had to be roused with a phone call. Hearing her shriek "is he dead? my cat's dead?" in response to the first sentence about him falling was nice and dramatic, and it took several loud "open the door, he's here and he's FINE ... open the door!" to get them reunited, whereupon she slammed the door in our faces and ran off to make sure he was in one piece and the other cat hadn't escaped also. She came back and all ended peaceably. (Reminds me of the 2 fire trucks and ambulance that arrived at our door last week ... something about a clicking stove, but that's another story ... we do get along well actually, and I enjoy the drama).

Been thinking a lot lately about how to market my coaching, and dragging my feet. I've been slowly contacting old coworkers and friends to ask if I can put them on my mailing list, and asking for leads, but I dread every single call because I feel like I'm begging and bothering. Not a one has been brusque or seemed unhappy, but it still feels like pushy sales, which I have an almost pathological hatred of. Talked to my marketing buddy coach yesterday and decided that I really wanted to do some small group coaching/seminars about "working from home" or "changing careers". Now to figure out how to get started.

Then today I took the online MAPP test, which I recommended in my last newsletter but never took, and got the same results I got in high school ... "you'd make a great engineer!". Funny. Coaching isn't exactly engineering. But then again I scored very highly in the social services/counselling category which is a little more relevant to my current choices. The funny thing is when I read the engineering results, I got the excited "oooh, maybe I'll take apart the cordless vac tonight and finally figure out why it quit holding a charge last year" feeling. Ever have that? Doubt it! But I did get genuinely excited at the thought of fixing something. I think though it fits in the hobby category more than the I Want To Do It Every Day category. I was inordinately pleased with myself last year for fixing the whining noise in Michael's mini-tape recorder. Perhaps I have more techno-geek in my than I care to admit. Grin.

There, I've successfully babbled till 5:01. Time to get the DOV. Cheers.