Girls Green Getaway

Just spent 2 days in NJ (yes, I know, I never say kind things about NJ) with good friends and great sisters. It was green (it IS the garden state after all), relaxing, homey, comfortable, easy, and just plain delightful. I had planned to come home on Saturday night, but wasn't finished relaxing yet so stayed another night :) We ate, talked, hiked along a gorgeous canal, wandered around Princeton, snuck up on the roof of Paula's apt building and watched a full moon, and watched What's Eating Gilbert Grape (probably my favorite movie of all time).

The hike, mild though it was, was incredibly green and peaceful. Paula and I went photo crazy, while Bethy and Su bowled ahead. It path was a former "tow path" for the donkeys or mules or whatever they used to haul barges. Rather defined the word LUSH for me (as opposed to this LUSH, another big favorite of mine). See the mass of caterpillars? No idea what they were doing all in a mass like that ... mating or sunning or fighting or snoozing ... who knows. Weird looking though.

The canal was super smooth and even, being manmade of course, so no big rocks, or rather no rocks at all, and a nice slow glassy current. I became rather obsessed at the end of it all with the tiny green leaves in the water, the reflections of clouds, and the tree and bridge shadows. Paula and I used up practically all the space on our cameras by snapping away. I took a whopping 8-second video .mpg, but don't know how to post it here? Maybe I'll figure that out in a bit, any easy answers appreciated :)

Thanks girls for a most lovely time :)