Been feeling itchy the last few days, the restless-antsy-irritable-don't-know-why feeling. Fun part is Michael was too, so we rather feed off of each other :| I was home with Douglas yesterday, and it took me until 1:30 to get him outside, for no good reason other than that I dawdled, fussed, napped, couldn't get moving, got mad at the computer, talked to tech support, fussed some more, pricechecked broadband routers, read a book to douglas, ate two breakfasts, and finally got things together to go outside to the sandbox. I brought the irritation back in with me, despite the sun, sand, games of 'boat' in the sandbox lid, and nice therapeutic weed-pulling :)

After putting Douglas down for his nap (and falling asleep with him for 20 min) I came out to my computer and glared at it. I started looking at my list of things to do, and realized that the one I'd been avoiding ... introducing myself to several more local parent listservs, and pitching my SAHMS coaching to them, was the one that I was avoiding and causing me stress. I forced myself to just start writing, and found that as I did my mood started to lift. Getting them finished, I was almost back to normal. I realized I'd *really* been avoiding it, and was in the pattern to set myself up to fail by not doing it and then telling myself "I told you so". Go figure. I finished up my "don't want to do's" by calling the lady from the Coop School where we want to send Douglas to preschool, and finding out that it was all a go and his lack of vaccines isn't really an issue to them! hooray :) Felt much better. Funny how I wasn't craving sleep after that, but was completely energized. Hm.

Course I didn't hit the send button as I had to leave work, got home, and realized that I'm not quite as settled as I thought, perhaps there's more to the story? We shall see. For now, I'm still somewhat itchy!