I'm still a bit itchy, but not bad at all. Enjoying many things.

Yesterday, the train ride in to work was a study in stillness and diversity, I was really wishing for a mini camera to capture it. Across from me on the train were 6 people, lined up in a silent row. No IPODs, no books, no emotions ... complete and utter "I'm on hold inside" looks. All 6 were very different looking, from afros to crimped haird to spiky dreadlocks, wispy blonde waif, and a dyed red crop. Two of them were actually together, looking at a magazine, but the movements were slow, quiet, and hardly a word passed between them. The expressions never changed, they'd suspended themselves until they got off the train.

Today I did a project at work that I'm very pleased with ... I can't share it, but we're doing pro bono work for a company that provides free marketing/ad consulting to nonprofits. I did the powerpoint template and had a great time with it, for once. Felt like the creative juices had come back, and everything just clicked. It's been awhile, I wasn't sure if I'd lost it totally! I found a great free photo site, where the images just need to be credited for commercial work. Super slow and low bandwidth, but some nice images.

Off to home and scrounging up an dinner as yet unimagined ... michael concocted a great stirfry last night out of chicken, carrots, lemon juice, yogurt, and I don't know what all. Speaking of mbv, I hope he blogs again someday, and mentions his hilarious conversation with an indian saleswoman named ... Stinky. Yes. Lovely, isn't it? Of course he was telling someone about it on the phone last night and I was interrupting with "but this is funnier!" and howling with laughter. Some rather crude, but Very funny.