the class is no longer :( sigh. the lady didn't show, and the man showed up 30 minutes late. better than last week when he missed the whole thing. I offered to convert his payment to the equivalent amount of individual coaching (a 75% discount!) and he took me up on it, so we're going to meet for breakfast for the next 11 thursdays and see how it goes. It'll give me good coaching experience, but not the group I'd hoped for. A decent amount of interest overall, and I think if I start marketing it earlier next time and in a few more places, I'll get enough. The lady at the store where I was renting space agreed to refund the unused money, so that's good. Trying not to feel like a failure, but treat it as a learning experience. More progress than my last group effort, at least one person signed up! I'm aiming at a group of people who are already pulled in 16 directions, generally frazzled, and pressed for time. Like I seem to live :) So no great surprise they have trouble committing to a timeslot for 3 months. So be it.
In other news, mbv got 4 days of Sol LeWitt work starting today, woo hoo! He does love being paid to scribble :) And he has 4 days at the gallery starting next week. He also has his show going up tonight (finally) so he's pretty pleased.
I'm off to pick up dov from school, the first time I've gotten to do that part and I'm looking forward to it. The dropoff today went well, he was doing a lot of complaining about school and how he didn't ever want to go back, but the only reason given was that there "were too many kids there". hah ... yup. feeling the loss of individual attention. Trying to give more of it at home. Michael made him raise his right hand and "solemnly swear to not throw any fits, not scream or cry, and go to school happily." He did, and was back to barely stopping for a kiss before running into the lego room. Much less stressful!