Pure Bliss

In contrast to two of my friends who have given birth in the last 2 weeks (welcome Calvin-the-quick and Luca-of-the-I-can't-wait-elevator-birth!), I had a blissful day. Michael was working, so Douglas and I watched some lame cartoons and ate our cereal, and then packed the stroller with books and chalk and headed to the farmer's market and park. After totally loading down the stroller with fruit and veggies and eggs and cider, we went up into the park. There was a healh fair running, and they had stuff to keep the kids entertained, including one of those inflatable castles that you can bounce around in. He's eyed them before but only gotten to go in once. After waiting for 10 minutes in the hopes that it would drop below the "7 kids only" limit, I gave up and sent him in. He had a blast, after initially protesting that I had to come in with him. By the time I called him out 20 minutes later, he was the youngest and smallest in there and it was getting pretty rough. We went and sat in the sun, read books and snacked, and collected buckeys that seem to have all fallen and cracked open in the last week. Smooth and shiny and feel-perfect-in-your-hand. Then park time till we were both cranky from lack of lunch, and I trundled the overloaded stroller home with it catching on the slightest crack in the sidewalk.
Nap time has been getting pretty dicey lately, he's really growing out of it, and often just has a quiet time. Today I put him down at 2:30, and he didn't reappear until 7pm! I managed to have a reading, call an old friend I'd promised to chat with and talk for 2 hours, make and can 5 quarts of salsa, and make a somewhat laborious dinner of Thai Shrimp Pasta and a salad, all before he woke up :) Pure bliss ... almost a throwback to Saturday afternoons pre-marriage when I could pick a project or laze about or do whatever.