In other news, I've decided to grow my hair out (shoulder length at least) and am dreading the in-between phase I'm already in, having bangs drooping into my eyes. Any easy ways around it? I've also ordered new glasses (rimless) and can't wait to get them ... they're lighter, smaller, and I think a bit more chic than the current pair. We'll see if anyone else notices.

I've decided too to finish my ICA degree and graduate in June. If I don't do it now, before baby 2 arrives, I'll never do it. And I'd like to finish it for the sake of having a semi-official coaching certificate (though it's not enough of one to get accredited by the ICF, the main governing body of coaching, but I don't care enough about that to bother doing more). I'll feel a bit more official as a coach, and some clients will look at it as making me more legitimate. It doesn't really, I don't think, but still seems a good idea. So I'm looking up times for the few classes I'm still missing, downloading exams, and wishing I'd done them back when the classes were fresh in my mind. One exam has been changed since I took them majority of the classes, and is more open-ended and writing intensive than before. Yay. I was hoping for short answers :)