"Kick twice if you have a pee-pee"

Any guesses? Michael talking to the baby, after asking the question "are you a boy or a girl?" and me saying "but how would they know??". Oh the irrationality and determined rationality of it all. How do I hang onto sanity? I'm not sure that I do to be honest :). Practical sure doesn't equal sane, but I'll probably die trying. Or learn to leave it in the ditch betimes, which would be a very good thing.

We did hire a midwife, woohoo! First appointment next Wednesday, now to figure out what to do with Douglas during that appt, when I took him to the consultation and she was an hour late, it was rather torturous to not have him entirely run rampant in the quiet little waiting room-with-a-rock-fountain-and-quiet-vibes-everywhere. And did I mention no toys? I brought a couple, but we exhausted those, and all the mothering magazines, rather rapidly. Now I know to come loaded with stuff just in case. Memaniye is an african lady with 5 kids of her own, background as a nurse, and been doing home births for about 8 years. I just plain enjoyed her, and we ended up doing as much chatting as finding out about her practice, which was good. She's .5 hour away (2 buses) and I go to her monthly until the 8th month, when she starts coming to see me instead. She does require basic bloodwork, which I'm not too excited to pay for (why is it so expensive to test blood?!) but will do if it makes her more comfortable. Now to figure out how to get her the entire fee by the 28th week, in order to get her 'self-pay' discount. Should be do-able, but may have to really get cranking on those taxes this time around.

Congrats to SAJ on having an adorable girl last week ... and I guessed the day correctly :) who knows how.

Btw, I've gained 12 pounds already. And have a big belly, lower than last time around by a good bit. Have pics but not here, will try to remember to post.

Busy week with a school committee meeting at our place (that still has piles of wood and tools all over the dining room ... oh joy ... maybe they can sit on some if it), a public preschool tour (the one we're zoned for that Dov will be eligible for next year), a sahm's coaching group session that may or may not happen if no one signs up!, and life in general. I'm starting it off a bit low in energy and rather emotionally charged, so it should be ... full of drama. Or something like that.