I went and did a school tour yesterday, and was pleasantly surprised. Really. I wish MY gradeschool had been this cool, but then again I last set foot in a gradeschool 25 years ago. Hard to believe. But the feeling I had upon opening the front door and walking in was incredibly strong ... a huge mix of SCHOOL and textbooks and monitors and excitement and friends and fears and a whole mix of things that I guess I associate with school. Weird.
It's the one we're zoned for, just 3 streets over, and has lots of cool things going for it. I liked the principal. They just need a letter to cover the no-vax issue ... whew! And it was just plain an exciting place ... felt rich in ideas and work and options. They have a free pre-K, but limited seats. I want M to see it and get his reactions. Otherwise, there's the *huge* vat of 'other' options here in the city, like zoning variances, private schools, no school for another year of course, or home schooling, or or or ... I've never been in a place with so many options.
Speaking of school, have to go or I'll be late picking him up.