Yes, I'm alive ...

Can't even pretent to 'catch up', and those virtual posts I've written in my head are rather useless now, aren't they? I've survived the last 3 weeks, and managed to enjoy a lot of it. Worked too hard on my week off getting the house put together for a party ...
-- construction in Douglas' room, he now has bunkbeds!
-- getting our bed lowered to a height that a pregnant me can get into without huffing and puffing and grating my teeth at 3am after trip number 2 to the bathroom ... that means it's no longer 6+ feet off the ground, just about 2.5.
-- That meant finding a home for ALL the stuff formerly under the bed, like 15 years of files, tools galore, the TV and all it's attachments, etc ... you get the idea. in a nyc apt, this does NOT mean 'move it all in the basement or garage and think about it a year from now. This means trip over it until you throw it out, give it away, or find it a new home. This meant a LOT of throwing away, which felt wonderful. Be gone, tax records and old portfolio pieces! woohoo.

So all that meant that I worked too much, had a ball at our small but oh so fun holiday party on the night before newyears, and woke up sick the next morning. Still barking like a dog and feeling like I did when I had colds when I was 6. I won't bore you with the details, but on top of pregnancy and dealing with Douglas, I haven't felt too energetic to say the least. Family was in town for newyears, then mike and joel came, and all were enjoyed, but I ended up even sicker for not spending the time in bed. The dreams are great when I do get there though, something about pregnancy always takes my dreams into places that I *never* seem to have access too normally ... like the moon, space, superpowers (ie I can hum and break walls of glass) fun things like that.

On the pregnancy front, visited a birth center last week and didn't really like the place. Super convenient, but just didn't feel a click with the place or the midwife at all. Their fees are way more than I was expecting, and we're paying our own way so that's a pretty big factor. We could probably fudge the numbers (ie fail to record our non-reported income) and qualify for PCAP which is free Medicaid for pregnancy only, but don't really want to do that. So I've been calling around to talk to midwives who do home births, and one is coming to meet with us tomorrow morning. At 8am I might add, which is SO not the best for any of us, but what she had available and I'm getting a bit antsy to at least get a check up and hear a heartbeat or something :) Hoping Michael gets back from his hockey game/cabinet installing afternoon in time to get a bit of sleep before then. Just your normal combination, right? I'll be glad to have the cabinet pieces, and all the dust and junk that goes with making them, out of my dining room! Where is that garage?! Thankfully Douglas managed to sleep through a half hour's worth of routing before getting up ... if you know the sound of a router on wood, you know exactly what kind of piercing whine I'm talking about :) I do love the smell of sawdust. Really.

To finish the pregnancy thought, yes that means we're headed for a home birth. To be honest, my only real concern is noise levels, mine to be exact, and otherwise I'm totally fine with the idea. Douglas' birth might as well have been at home, it was completely technology free (Amish midwife) and at a half hour from any hospital. I have no fears on that part, just thinking of dense nyc apartments in july, with no AC, and you get my drift. As the midwife coming tomorrow pointed out, the sounds of birth aren't all that different than sex, and does that offend the neighbors? I'll not get into that one :) but say that volume is probably my only fear, and there's always fans and music, and I probably won't care one whit by the time I get to that point.

Speaking of bodies, we went to see this on New Year's day, and I was totally and completely mesmerized. Utterly amazing, and yes we took Douglas and though he was saturated far faster than I was, he loved it, especially seeing the prenatal room and what the baby looks like now and how it fits into mom's belly. Not for the squeamish or anyone with an issue with the display of real bodies. It was much bigger than I expected, and if I didn't have that 'museums get to me after an hour and a half, no matter what' issue, I could have stayed much longer. I could go on, but I'm hungry, my fingers are freezing, and I need to get to bed.

Cheers and happy new year :)