Happy Birthday Michael!

Ran around all day shopping, cooking, carrying, etc ... and managed to have dinner only 45 min after I'd promised ... as he wanted to get to the studio for the evening. Best present was probably the card Douglas wrote, his own Happy Birthday card spelled his own way. I don't have it scanned, but below is his first page of homework, spelling worked out by guessing and a few prompts. He was very pleased with it. The beginning of what .... ?

Michael's sister Becky was here this past weekend, and it was enjoyable but exhausting, as she doesn't self-entertain at all so needs constant activity. Enjoyed her more than I have before, thank you god. Beginning of 3 weeks of company of sorts, looking forward to all of it but need my sleep, and plotting how to get Douglas to get more. His teacher pulled me aside last week to inquire about his habit of screaming when he has a toy taken away, or something similar. He's not been doing it at home, but there are Fynn jealousies coming out here and there. Attitude in a 4 year old. I'm sure it's happened before :) Part of the issue is he's not getting enough sleep, moving his bedtime back by 1 hour hasn't been enough to compensate, and he's exhausted when I pick him up from school, and often hungry as the only eats about half the lunches they serve him. Never refuses the chocolate milk tho, which I can't blame him for but really wish he didn't get a sugar dose in the middle of the day.

Sleeeeeeeeep. Been a long time since I've had more than 4.5 hours at a stretch, and I can't wait till that changes. Five months of it, including the pregnancy pee habits. It's starting to really wear on me, and I'm plotting where to put the crib. So far no luck finding a spot, but I haven't given up.

Another weird thing, I've had a bunch of (ok, 3 or 4) dreams in the last 2 weeks where I was incredibly angry in the dream. At least twice it was directed at michael , and I have no idea why. consciously that is. must be *something* in there.

Putting off coaching-summary writing till tomorrow when I'm not so punchy that I have to retype every other word because I can't type coherently. Glad to have a client again for a month at least :)